In 2 Peter 1 the Apostle calls us to develop God given qualities in addition to our faith. This is spiritual growth. The qualities of virtue, knowledge, self-control, steadfastness, godliness, brotherly affection, and love. All these qualities are God-given – and we all have equal potential to develop them. But some people simply don’t. Some Christians don’t grow up. Instead they suffer from spiritual shortsightedness; spiritual blindness.

Some Christians don’t grow up – they are still in napkins

Why Don’t Some Christians Grow?

Why? What is the difference? What is the problem these Christians face? In this sermon Conrad Mbewe looks to 2 Peter 1:9 for the answer.

“Ultimately the answer is in the text itself. That they forget God’s grace. They forget God’s grace in pardoning them of their sins. Especially the reality of where they are coming from. They get so used to the Christian life that they lose the thrill, the sparkle, the joy of knowing that God has had mercy upon me.”

The Power of Divine Love

As we wrap up our sermon series with Conrad Mbewe titled “Christian, Grow up” we remember that love divine causes our hearts to want to love God back. That’s what happens. We want to be the best for God. This is the great antidote to spiritual blindness.

Love divine causes our hearts to want to love God back.

“And that’s where virtue comes in, and that’s when we want to gain more, and more knowledge. Because we know that without knowledge, we cannot be the best for Him. So, we want to dig in into the scriptures, dig in into Christian books, dig in into whatever the sources of knowledge might be. Because we know that that’s the way we can be the best for Him.

We want to go into the battlefront and we know that we’re going to be weary in fighting. And consequently, we gird up our loins as it were, with self-control and steadfastness. So that finally, we can truly be a godly people. It is out of love that we want to do all that, out of love.”

That’s what Calvary does. It produces a people that are zealous – passionate – about serving Christ.

The Cure For Spiritual Blindness

But maybe you find you have lost that first love? The love you felt as you walked from darkness to light, from death to life. Have you lost it?

Listen to Conrad Mbewe as he unpacks why we may have lost our passion for Jesus, why we may find ourselves suffering from spiritual blindness in our Christian walk as we focus more on the things of this world than on the reality of eternity.

Text: 2 Peter 1:9

Date preached: 17 May 2020

Location: Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia