Conrad Mbewe continues his series in 2 Peter 1 Christian, Grow Up! The focus is on a string of imperatives for spiritual growth that Peter delivers to all Christians. Of course the first step is to have faith. But on this foundation we must build with quality materials in order to mature as Christians. Peter commands us to add virtue to faith. Then to add knowledge to our virtue and temper our knowledge with self control. Peter called us to add steadfastness and resolve as we journey with Christ. Now we look at his command to add godliness to all these qualities.

At each stage we are growing and developing – all the better to serve our heavenly father and persevere in our walk with Christ.

What is Godliness?

“Godliness strictly speaking is the end of the list even though we find it in the middle. We’ve climbed the hill, we are at the top and so we need to spend some time to appreciate what it is. Everything that comes after, brotherly kindness and love pre-supposes what has come before. Godliness is something that grows out of, first of all, our self-awareness of who we are: creatures, mortal creatures who will soon die, creatures in desperate need of salvation.

Secondly, godliness it is imperative to understand who this great God is. Appreciating who He is is what causes us to now say that’s what I need to aim for in godliness. It works out in terms of a supreme love for God, a supreme fear of God, a supreme trust in God, a supreme obedience to God, a supreme worship of God, and finally, a supreme hunger for God. That those aspects are what make up true godliness.

How is Godliness Attained?

How do we attain this godliness, in a world that is full of ungodliness? Is it even possible for me to end up being different from the rest of the world around me? Godliness does not grow in natural soil. It must be something that God alone produces in us. So how do we become spiritual giants in a world that cares nothing about spirituality at all?

How do we become spiritual giants in a world that cares nothing about spirituality at all?

Only By the Grace of God

Well, first of all, it is the fact that it is by the grace of God. Because the grace of God is a power that enables a certain lifestyle as we see from Titus 2:11-12. And what is that lifestyle that it enables? Well first of all, it enables us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions. It teaches us to say ‘no’ to a certain lifestyle. It’s also a power that works from the inside out to make me live a life that is otherwise completely impossible.

The world can’t live like that. But for the Christian this life of godliness is not something I’m struggling to achieve, this life is something I readily attain, because of the energy that is growing up within me.”

Listen to Conrad Mbewe as he expounds the wonderful work of sanctification God works powerfully in the life of every believer.


Text: 2 Peter 1:3-6

Date preached: 24 November 2019

Location: Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia