Christ saves Christians from the power sin has in their daily lives. Making our hearts new on the inside, so that we live differently on the outside.

Come To Christ, Just As You Are

The world’s best news: a Jesus who saves sinners

“You don’t need to go and try to change yourself out there first, and then show up before Jesus. No, come just as you are with all your weaknesses, all your failures, all your sins. Come to him and he will clean you up. That’s the world’s best news: a Jesus who saves sinners.”

Topics & Timestamps

0:00 – Bible Reading
0:38 – The Two Sides of God’s Saving Work
4:35 – Lives Changed By Christ
5:43 – Lives That Show True Salvation
9:38 – Unrighteousness And A Holy God
18:09 – Do Not Be Deceived
22:51 – Come To Jesus Who Cleans You
26:28 – A Heart Transformation
32:25 – A Changed Life Shows A Changed Heart
35:26– The Good News That Jesus Saves Sinners

Top Quotes:

“We are witnesses in this world of the kind of God who is there. And people may love sin, but we must not hide the fact that God has made it plain in his Book that he hates sin.”

“God not only saves us from the Hell to which sin takes us; he saves us from the sin that takes us to Hell.”

“Let’s make sure that we recognize that Jesus Christ, in his salvation, doesn’t just clean our records in Heaven, he also cleans our hearts on earth …  once upon a time we loved sin, we now love righteousness.”

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Text: 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

Date preached: 18 September 2022

Location: Christ Church Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa