God cleans our records in Heaven, taking away the record of our sin and replacing it with Christ’s righteousness. This free gift removes God’s wrath from us and brings him great glory.

Grace That Erases Sin’s Penalty

The very wrath, which is God’s justice, that ought to have sunk us deeper than the grave, into the flames of hell, is consumed in God’s own Son. 

“He pays the full price for our sin. And therefore, we just receive that gift by faith.”

Topics & Timestamps

0:00 – Bible reading
1:23 – The transforming of our hearts
4:19 – The cleansing of our records in heaven
6:13 – Righteousness by faith
10:43 – God declares us righteous
15:51 – Righteousness is a free gift
19:31 – God’s grace redeems and propitiates
28:31 – God’s righteousness is shown
37:27 – God meets our greatest need
41:24 – God means well for you

Top Quotes:

“Justification, ultimately, is not so much being forgiven, it is being declared righteous.”

“That’s the way we must view Christ on the cross: that we did not contribute. He buys our salvation.”

“This righteousness which is now put into our records in Heaven, and it’s filed there for the Judgment Day.”

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Text: Romans 3:21-26

Date preached: 18 September 2022

Location: Christ Church Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa