As believers are we shaped by grace or the law of God? Which one matters more in the eyes of God? Is righteousness both earned and given by grace alone?

Shaped By Grace or The Law? // Marks of A Jesus Follower

Righteousness is not earned by keeping the law. Righteousness is given by God out of grace and mercy.

My dear friends, God has had amazing grace upon me. And so how do I show my appreciation and my love? I live out his word. And wherever it is that God has placed me, I live out God’s word. And I am different and I call others to recognise this work of God, this grace of God, to desire their lives to be different.

Topics & Timestamps

0:00 – Shaped by Grace or Law?
2:52 – Don’t throw away the Old Testament
7:25 – Jesus’ attitude towards the law
9:10 – The key to being right with God
14:25 – The Law is not null and void
17:31 – How Jesus fulfils the law
21:40 – Our attitude towards the law
23:17 – Sin is sin
26:20 – Living under God’s grace
30:09 – Righteousness is not earned

Top Quotes: Shaped By Grace or The Law?

“If you are going to be right with God, you have to start by recognising that you are poor of spirit, that you are bankrupt spiritually.”

“We are a people who have been accepted by God into his kingdom and we are a people that have received grace, and love, and mercy from God”

“My dear friends, righteousness is not earned by keeping the law but righteousness is given by God out of grace and mercy.”

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Text: Matthew 5:17-20

Date Preached: 14 March 2021

Location: C4 Cross Centered Community Church, Bryanston, South Africa