Taste and See // A Spoken Word

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Taste and see.
You have loved me in my quiet, danced with me in my wild.

You take pleasure in my smile and you decorate my braids with flowers of praise.

You’ve seen my ugly you’ve seen my good and you choose me anyway.
As your feather fingers hold me, you rise with me each day and lay with me when I at times on a pillow of sadness sleep.

You hover like a steady still mist over me, dear friend you make me lovely! You interweave your wonderful whisper in my skin. My next of kin, I am dressed in your encouraging words, draped in your prayers, layers and layers of your peace girdle me.


Filled with wisdom, but even when I do not heed your wise call, you do not mock me as my feet trip and fall, but instead you look upon me with a longing and a love. And you say ‘Thalita cumi’, get up little girl, arise my love. Let’s try again, go right, and further on turn left, a lamp unto my feet, guiding every step.


You are there in the air and within me, daily, closely. Cut from the same cloth as Christ himself, whispering on my behalf to Daddy.

You are peace.

Like water in a valley, your presence smooths over the jagged edged thoughts in my mind. Forget rock, paper scissors. Spirit trumps all. So let every stronghold in me fall!


You help me see gold in the folds of the broken. A golden thread in the midst of turmoil for you see humanity behind the diversity and unity makes you smile and that’s the love that dwells within me.

Taste and see the goodness in this space

You are the seasoning that brings out the goodness of God in everything. He is beyond palatable! My taste buds tingle daily with his glory!

We can neither touch you nor describe you but we feel you. You are not merely a sixth sense but a potent presence with a fragrant potpourri of grace, I beg you. In every room I enter: sprinkle your petals all over the place. Fill it. Mend it. Restore it.


He has removed the scales from our eyes so that we may see each other, without the filters. Without the lenses of our own shame.

Taste and see it and feel it.
Taste and see and feel it.

Let it move to your fingertips ever so slowly, wrapping itself around you.


Let it creep up to your smile, tugging at each stubborn corner. Open up wide. Joy!

May the coldest, most awkward hugs become momentary havens. A transfer of love. Allow his beauty to crown you, let it put colour in your cheeks and a sparkle in your eyes.

Invite this friend in. And when he comes, don’t stop him, don’t relent. Allow the avalanche of emotion to flow out your eyes. When you have no words let your tears speak.


Don’t stop the vibration in your belly as the laughter echoes through your body through your throat and into this hall. Laugh it all out. Laugh at it all, that his happiness, his joy, rock you silly, be giddy, groove move, tap, swing, swirl and sway. Vibrate with a joy that cannot be caught or contained that makes the demons flee and the thirsty hearts stay.


No longer will you stutter in the face of poverty, you will not fumble at the sight of modern day slavery. When beauty is still classified by race, worthlessness is still an emotion in this place. Yes. Injustice exists, but He fills you with fight.

So don’t uncurl your fist, speak out truth with all your might


And I promise you in the loudest room he will hear your silent heartache.

Taste and see
Taste and see

Taste and see and feel

That the Holy Spirit exists.

Taste and See (C) 2018 Puno Selesho

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