How Do I Cultivate Joy as a Christian?

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A Christian’s life is meant to be joyful! Yet amidst daily trials and brokenness, this can seem impossible. In this video are 7 ways to cultivate deep joy today.

How Do I Cultivate Joy?

“The biblical words regarding joy point us both to an emotional state as well as to chosen behaviours. Joy is something we both experience and need to act on to experience.”

Joy is something we both experience and need to act on to experience.

“My hope is that as you practice these actions regularly and prayerfully, as you work through the accompanying worksheet and discuss it with a friend, I hope that the eternally happy God – the God who in himself experiences deep happiness and joy – will produce that joy within your heart.”

Topics & Timestamps

0:00 – What Is Joy?
1:00 – Jesus Was Joyful
2:00 – We Can Find Joy Like Jesus
2:30 – Our Joys Reveal Our Hearts
3:32 – Joy Can Co-Exist With Suffering
4:45 – How To Cultivate Joy
5:16 — Step 1: Read God’s Word
5:52 — Step 2: Pray To God
6:27 — Step 3: Practice Gratitude
7:00 — Step 4: Obey God
7:39 — Step 5: Invest In Relationships
8:20 — Step 6: Serve Others
8:51 — Step 7: Rejoice Through The Holy Spirit

Top Quotes: How To Cultivate Joy

“The joy of Jesus is the joy of a king who is about to set the captives free”.

“Part of becoming a mature Christian is experiencing the joy of the Lord. Like Jesus we are to find deep joy in communing with God”.

“Again, and again, and again in scripture we see the blessed person, the joyful person, is one who is meditating on and reading the word of God”.

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