How Do I Process Anger as A Christian?

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Some anger is moral, justified and righteous – but if we are honest, ours usually isn’t. This short video helps us analyse and process our anger biblically.

When you start to get an understanding of the patterns of your anger, you can then use those as a basis for understanding the reasons for your anger. And these eight questions will help you think through your anger: whether or not it’s righteous or unrighteous. If it’s unrighteous, how to move from unrighteous anger to righteous anger.

How Do I Process Anger? Timestamps

0:30 – What Is Anger?
1:25 – God Gets Angry In The Bible
2:00 – God is Always Loving & Moral
2:48 – Is My Anger Righteous?
3:48 – Some Questions To Ask Yourself
5:10 – How Do We Process Anger Well?
5:48 – Moving From Unrighteous to Righteous

Link to accompanying worksheet here.

Top Quotes on Processing Anger

“Righteous anger focusses on God and on the wellbeing of others. Sinful anger by contrast can sometimes be self-centred.”

“Look at the patterns of your anger – you will start to understand the reasons for it.”

“The surprising truth is that you can be good and angry at the same time.”

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