Faith and (No) Work

I recently had the privilege of attending a “faith and work” event in Midrand, Johannesburg. It was packed out, and by all accounts a very fruitful time. However, the question that kept knawing at me as I listened, the question that I should have asked the panel but didn’t, was “what about faith and no work?” For many African Christians who would pack out an even bigger venue, a “faith and work” event is a luxury. In fact, the whole “faith and work” question is a luxury. what about faith and no work? For so many African Christians, the question...

God’s Incomparable Riches Mean You Lack Nothing

One of the greatest incentives that the Bible offers believers to guard them from being enslaved by money, possessions or riches is that God is incomparably rich. We live in a world where most people believe: “the richer the better.” And there is good reason for this. With more money comes access to healthier food, better health care, higher quality education, increased life expectancy and so on. There is a sense in which “money answers everything” (Eccl. 10:19). However, those who want to live their lives under the authority of the Bible have to always ask the question, “how can...

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