Jesus moves towards lost sinners, no matter how gross their sin is. And he moves toward us, not to shame us, but to cleanse us.

See The Heart Of God As It Is Revealed In Scripture

God delights to save and forgive, let us be quick to repent.

“It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been living in sin. If you come to Jesus, confessing your sin, and pleading for his forgiveness, his response will not be repulsion or frustration. He will welcome you home with joy.”

Topics & Timestamps

3:15 – Responses To Inappropriate Behaviour
4:21 – Jesus With Inappropriate People
8:21 – Jesus’ Response To The Pharisees And Scribes
10:59 – Jesus’ Parable of Finding What We Value
13:23 – What Do We Value?
14:23 – Jesus’ Heart For Lost Sinners
17:19 – God’s Delight At Repentance
19:23 – All Need And Can Receive Forgiveness In Christ
24:28 – Our Response To Jesus’ Heart

Top Quotes:

“Both the religious and the sinner must know God’s true heart for them. ”
“Jesus says God and his angels burst with joy when a sinner repents.”
“Let us move toward the lost and tell them of the heart of God.”

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Text: Luke 15:1-10

Conference Date: 20 August 2022

Location: REACH Women 2022 Conference, Cape Town, South Africa