Every day we are faced with choices and choosing Jesus is at the top of the list as a Christian. In this sinful broken world will you choose Jesus?

Will You Choose Jesus?

I’ve learned that the greatest usurper to God in my life isn’t the devil, but me

“The older I get the more I realize that perhaps the greatest usurper to God’s authority in my life isn’t the devil but me. And so I want to rule my life on my own directing God to get out of my way. I also seem to not have a problem placing expectations on God and so I want him to show up and I want him to be there for me, just in the right ways as I would need him to, but I take great issue when actually it’s the other way around.”

Topics & Timestamps

00:00 – One life and one soul
03:58 – Nothing is better than Jesus
11:44 – What are you allowing to become better than Jesus?
15:15 – Press through opposition
17:24 – Press through tradition
20:40 – Press through aspiration
23:11 – Are you seizing God’s help?

Top Quotes: Will You Choose Jesus

“We have one life to live and so we need to choose the things that will leave us better off and lead us to a better life.”

“I’ve learned that the greatest usurper to God in my life isn’t the devil, but me.”

“There are various areas in our lives where we have got to press through to experience Jesus in our lives”

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Text: Hebrews 13: 22-25

Date preached: 21 February 2021

Location: Bryanston Bible Church