Jesus followers become different on the outside. Once our hearts have been changed and transformed it spills over into everyday life – even in Joburg 2021.

Changed Inside, Different Outside

In this second sermon in his series on Jesus’ sermon on the mount Farai Mbirimi focuses on the second set of four statements by Christ in the beatitudes. These speak specifically to how disciples will be demonstrably different to the world around them.

Before I had no desire to live by the Bible or God’s word. Now I now have a new appetite: I want to live for Jesus.

“The first four beatitudes have to do with our position before God, our brokenness before God. And then the last four have to do with how we live out this new life in the world.”

“Before I had no desire to live by the Bible or God’s word. But because of this work that Jesus begins deep inside of me, because of this transformation and change that takes place inside of me, I now have a new appetite. I want to live for Jesus; I want to obey him. And I want to do all that I can to bring him pleasure and joy and glory.”

Sermon Topics & Timestamps

00:00 – We Are Called To Be Different Outside
00:50 – Our Point of Departure
01:40 – These People Are Blessed
03:49 – Internal Change Must Spill Over
06:38 – What Makes You Different From The World?
07:00 — 1. Blessed Are The Merciful
09:10 – What Is Biblical Mercy?
13:50 – The Merciful Will Be Shown Mercy
16:34 — 2. Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
17:08 – What Does Pure In Heart Mean?
22:05 – The Pure of Heart Will See God
23:40 — 3. Blessed Are The Peacemakers
24:03 – Peacemakers Still Experience Conflict
27:32 – Peacemakers Will Be Called Sons of God
29:58 – How Does The World React To You?
30:50 – Blessed Are Those Persecuted For Righteousness
34:03 – Great Is Their Reward In Heaven
35:13 – I Don’t Think I Can Do This…
35:55 – We All Need To Ask God For Help

Different Outside: Top Quotes

“We have no problem receiving mercy for ourselves, but we have a problem giving mercy to other people.”

“Jesus followers produce something – you are a peacemaker; a peace producer.”

“We know persecution. Like when the family call us to go and slaughter to the ancestors and we say “No”.”

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Text: Matthew 5:7-12

Date Preached: 28 February 2021

Location: C4 Cross Centered Community Church, Bryanston, South Africa