Deliverance Ministry: Learning From Jesus’ Example

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The Bible clearly shows Jesus involved in deliverance ministry. We can learn from his example to ensure exorcism is redemptive, restorative, and enriching.

The Bible recognises the presence, existence, and influence of the demonic world.

We Must Follow Jesus’ Example

“Does the Bible talk about demons and spirits? Yes! Does the Bible show Jesus involved in the ministry of deliverance? Yes! But is the same ministry we see in the Bible what we are seeing in the Church in Africa today? Unfortunately, no.”

Jesus’ Deliverance Ministry: Timestamps

0:00 – What is Deliverance Ministry?
0:43 – The Bible Says A Lot About Deliverance
1:07 – Demons in The Bible
1:55 – Jesus’ Deliverance Ministry
2:30 – Jesus & The Disciples Cast Out Demons
3:13 – How Was Jesus’ Deliverance Ministry Distinct?
3:24 – 1. Jesus’ Deliverance Ministry Wasn’t Full Time
3:55 – 2. Jesus’ Deliverance Was Instant
4:14 – 3. Jesus’ Didn’t Make Deliverance Primary
4:37 – African Pastors Must Follow Jesus’ Example

Top Quotes

“Jesus himself performed exorcisms; he delivered people who were possessed by demons.”

“Jesus’ deliverance was instant. It didn’t involve a lot of praying, rituals, pouring of water, anointing oil and causing the demons to confess.”

“Jesus points out that while deliverance is important, the preaching of the gospel – all the more – is very important.” 

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