Psalm 91 promises triumph and victory for those who trust in the Lord. However, as we grapple with the pandemic and its aftermath, it is not a Psalm that guarantees security from trials and tribulations. Rather it is a call to hope in the midst of brokenness for every believer.

Fear in The Atmosphere

“At a time like this when we are struggling or grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, fears are very high. Many people are in a state of hopelessness and helplessness. Lockdown has made matters much worse – with many losing their jobs. Many not even being sure of their next meal. A number of people not being able to access medical services.

We see people across social media, on the internet, all using Psalm 91 as a bracket statement against COVID-19

There’s a lot of fear in the atmosphere, no matter where you look. Lots of unanswered questions: “where is God in all this?” And so many people, especially Christians, are turning to the scriptures to look for answers; are turning to the internet, social media, to the TV and radios. Wondering what God may be up to in this current crisis.

There is no doubt that so many people have been drawn closer to God and His scriptures and would really like to know if God has a purpose in all of this. At a time like this, we have a number of people who are teaching and seeking to offer hope to those who are in crisis and suffering. Unfortunately, some of these people who are preaching are abusing or misusing several Bible passages.

Claiming the Promises in Psalm 91

“You may recognise that one of those Bible passages – that has grossly been misinterpreted or misrepresented – is our famous Psalm 91. And usually the question you hear is “if I pray and I claim the promises of Psalm 91, will God protect me from COVID-19? Will God make sure that all my problems will disappear? Is it possible that I will never suffer? I will never face enemies, I will never have reason to fear anything – especially because of the express promise given in Psalm 91:1?” This says whoever “dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

It’s one thing to read the scripture. It’s another thing to understand it or to apply it rightly.

Is it really possible that Psalm 91 is a guarantee of security from troubles, from trials, from tribulations? Is it possible that those who believe and claim the promises of Psalm 91 will come to no harm?”

Listen to Pastor Rodgers Atwebembeire as he explores the promises, the challenges, the limitations and right application of Psalm 91.


Text: Psalm 91

Date preached: May 2020

Location: New City Community Church, Kampala, Uganda