In the desert Satan is given free reign to tempt Jesus: no opportunity is withheld. Yet it is clear in the Bible that Christ conquers temptation completely.

This is the second sermon on Temptation by John Musyimi. The first sermon deals with Satan’s initial attempt to distract Jesus from his mission and use Jesus’ hunger against him. Satan hoped Jesus would use his divine power to shield himself from experiencing his true and full humanity. However, Jesus does not succumb and Satan’s first temptation fails.

Victory against temptation today is no guarantee he will not tempt us again tomorrow. Be on your guard at all times!

Satan is Persistent

Satan is nothing if not persistent. He immediately tempts Jesus with a new ploy. In this we can see that victory against temptation today is no guarantee he will not tempt us again tomorrow. So be on your guard at all times!

Satan set the stage by taking Jesus to a carefully chosen venue, the holy city of Jerusalem, as viewed from the pinnacle of the temple. It is shocking that this holy location is the setting Satan selects for an unholy act to be committed. Take note: even our churches and bible studies are not immune from Satan’s cunning attempts to tempt us to sin.

Christ Conquers Temptation

Satan encourages Jesus to willingly commit sin. He does not push him, he entices him to jump and ask his angels to save him, showing himself as the Son of God for all to see. But Jesus knows this is neither the time nor the place for the Messiah to be revealed. Once again he resists Satan’s suggestion in spite of a sly appeal to Scripture. The Messiah had to walk the path of humility and suffering before exaltation and glory. Jesus is aware of this and resisted Satan’s attempt to short circuit his mission. For a second time in this desert dispute our Christ conquers temptation.


Preacher: John Musyimi

Text: Matthew 4:5-7

Date Preached: 10 February 2019

Location: Emmanuel Baptist Church