The young shall grow. It’s inevitable! But the question is, into what? As young Christians we can take 3 bold steps to grow spiritually in a healthy way.

Sermon Topics & Timestamps

00:00 – 1 Peter 1: 13 – 2: 3 Reading
04:15 – The Story of Vincent Obianodo
06:55 – Longevity Is A Measure of Success
08:20 – 3 Steps To Spiritual Growth
09:24 – 1. Lay Strong Foundations
10:19 — New Mindset, New Behaviour
19:50 — God Humbles The Morally Superior
21:50 — God Gives Hope To The Morally Inferior
25:13 – 2. A Proven Growth Strategy
31:30 — Your Theology Matters
34:13 — Get Rid of The Rubbish!
36:45 — It’s All About Loving Deeply
41:50 — 3. Finding The Energy For Growth
48:05 – Test Where You Are In Your Spiritual Life

How To Grow Spiritually: Top Quotes

“You’re not going to be doomed because of the bad things you do. Because you’re not going to be saved by the good things you do. You’re saved and made holy by obeying and believing the gospel about Jesus Christ.”

“Inadequately processed suffering, results in unholy living. This usually demonstrates itself in how we treat others.”

“Theology is for all Christians not just for pastors. Can we stop putting on ignorance as a badge of honour?”

“Peter was a fisherman. The only kind of Christianity he knew was plain and ordinary Christianity and he tells you that you need theology and knowledge for it.”

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Text: 1 Peter 1:13-2:3

Preached: 15 March 2020

Location: City Church, Lagos, Nigeria