Is there something that takes more of your devotion than the one true God? Yes? Then you are worshiping an idol. In the city of Lagos, there are three major idols: money, power, and today’s focus – sex. When sex becomes an idol in society, it becomes desacralised, and the conditions are perfect for sexual abuse to occur; for sex to make victims.

When sex becomes an idol, the conditions are perfect for sexual abuse to occur

The Terrible Rape of Tamar

In this sermon, Femi Osunnuyi walks us through the painful story of Tamar and Amnon. Tamar, the 14-year-old daughter of King David, is raped by her half-brother Amnon.

“The thing about this particular story is the amount of time, the vividness, the almost step-by-step account that is given in this story. The writer wants you not to miss something. He wants you to be shocked. He wants you to be aghast, repulsed, angry, sad.

And he wants us not to be quiet when we see these things happen around us.”

Stop Sex Making Victims

“There are many victims of sexual abuse in our society – in our churches, maybe even in this church. Sexual abuse has long been a taboo subject in our society and our churches. And that needs to stop.

We in the Church must be at the forefront of opposition to sexual abuse.

We in the Church must be at the forefront of opposition to sexual abuse. Why? Because this very ancient Bible that we read, has long ago taught us about the sanctity of sex, the horror of sexual abuse, and how we should behave towards those who are abused. Case in point. The story of Tamar and Amnon.”

Justice & A New Beginning

“Now, I should also say this. If you are someone here who has suffered sexual abuse at any point in your life, there’s ultimately hope for you. And we will also learn that you can be restored in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I titled this sermon ‘When Sex Makes Victims’. And it will be explored under three subheadings. One, becoming a sexual abuse victim. Two, the plight of a sexual abuse victim. Three, the healing of a sexual abuse victim.”

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Text: 2 Samuel 13:1-21

Preached: 21 October 2018

Location: City Church, Lagos, Nigeria