The Anatomy of Sin – The Essence

Are you tired of constantly being defeated by sin? Are you surprised that it somehow always keeps getting victory over you? This is because we never fully understand sin and therefore underestimate it. Combating sin is crucial for Christian growth and we will only begin to be victorious when we understand the essence of sin and fight it from its roots.

Join us in this five-part sermon series as we consider the biblical description of sin and learn how to be victorious over it.

Talking about Sin is Important

“For many people sin is passé. It’s a word, but “hmm…” we don’t like to talk about it. So, for non-Christians, you oppose it. You don’t even believe in the Christian understanding of good and evil. Some Christians avoid it. Others just ignore it.”

We fail in our battle against sin because we have not really, truly, understood it at its root.

“But you see sin is a serious issue because it displeases God. It destroys our world – and get this – you cannot truly develop as a human being or a Christian if you are not actively combatting sin. And the funny thing is, contrary to what a lot of us Christians believe, we fail in our battle against sin because we have not really, truly, understood it at its root. By that I mean sin has an essence. And you don’t start to get victory over it if you don’t begin understanding what that essence is.

And so, our beginning sermon in this 5-part series is to look at the very root of what sin is, by going to the very beginning.”

The Essence of Sin

The story of Adam and Eve is a lot like our own life stories. The devil makes us doubt and oppose God’s laws. He tells us white lies until we begin to find sin desirable and break God’s law. It doesn’t end there. We try to protect ourselves by either apportioning blame or seeking to use willpower to overcome sin.

Text: Genesis 3:1-13 and Genesis 3: 20-22

Preached: 19 January 2020

Location: City Church, Lagos, Nigeria