Ideas have consequences. The ideas of the Enlightenment and the 1960s impact us today – they shape our culture. They also shape our view of ourselves. Who we are, why we are here, what is our worth. Yet if we truly want to understand sex, and if we want to understand ourselves – our identity and purpose – I believe the best place to go is the word of God.

God made us. God also invented sex! But by reading His word and applying it, we actually become counter-revolutionaries in our society.

We are are right in the middle of a sexual and a social revolution.

Sex, Identity, Gender and Creation

In this sermon Martin Morrison challenges us to revisit our perceptions of sex, gender and identity. Focusing on Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 he establishes three critical concepts to this end: 1. We were made for God. 2. We are made in the image of God, 3. We are made male & female in the image of God.

A Sexual Counter-Revolution

We want to start a counter revolution. Because we know that it’s not us, but God who invented sex. It’s God who knows best how sex works.

“We are not plastic people, we are not lego people, we are not liquid people. You can’t just willy-nilly change yourself. No. God has created you. God, far from being a spoil sport, God knows more about sex than what we do. Or perhaps a sexual therapist. Or a pornographic movie, or a sex fair.”

It’s not us, but God who invented sex. It’s God who knows best how sex works

“God invented sex by the way, it was his idea. And he says the best sex, the safest sex, in fact the most enjoyable sex, is in the context of marriage. It’s marriage between one man and one woman. And when we deviate from God’s plan – God’s template – we will only damage ourselves, and other people.”

The Implications of Being Made In the Image of God

“The mess we are in in the world is not difficult to understand. Is it? People have turned away from God, turned away from his word. They think they are more clever. Immanuel Kant says you can reinvent yourself, you can make yourself, well look where we are.

My dear friends you have value. You have dignity. You are precious. Not because you have money, not because you have achieved certain things. Not because you are successful, not because you are fast, not because you are beautiful, not because of any thing else – but you are made in the image of God.”


Text: Genesis 1 and 2

Date Preached: 28 May 2017

Location: Christ Church Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa