“I believe…” Nic Kyalangalilwa examines this repeated phrase in the Apostles’ creed, exploring the true meaning of faith in his African context.

A true believer is somebody who trusts God and based on that trust, he acts upon it.

“Actually the theme today is not really part of the Apostles’ creed. If you look for it, you won’t find it. But I think it’s overarching; you find it everywhere not explicitly but implicitly. It’s actually the words, “I believe”. And in the Apostles’ creed you have it many times, over and over again.

I Believe… Is This Faith?

Nic Kyalangalilwa delivers his last in a nine week sermon series unpacking the foundations of the Christian faith – working through the Apostles’ Creed, a statement of belief penned in the 4th Century AD.

The Apostles’ Creed is really the foundation of what a Christian believes.

“It’s really the foundation of what a Christian believes. This is what makes the difference between what we would call a Christian faith, and a non-Christian faith.”

This sermon looks at the repetition of the phrase “I believe” which points us to examine what we mean by faith. It’s not enough to just know what Christians believe – faith is way more than head knowledge. Biblical faith is a personal, trustful commitment built upon God’s promises.

Understanding The Apostles’ Creed

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Text: Romans 4

Date preached: 1 June 2016

Location: Le Phare Church, Bukhavu, DRC-Congo