Christians believe that God become a man. We believe that God, in the form of Jesus, walked on earth 2,000 years ago. This is what we call the incarnation: when the Word took on flesh. The big question though is why. Why did God do this?

Why did God bother to become a man? Was he bored in heaven?

“You see, if you don’t understand the gospel, then you will never understand why God took the pains to become a man. Why did God bother to become a man? Was he bored in heaven? No! He knew that was the only way he could save humanity. It was the only way he could save man.”

I Believe in Jesus’ Incarnation

Nic Kyalangalilwa delivers his third in a nine week sermon series unpacking the foundations of the Christian faith – working through The Apostles’ Creed, a statement of belief penned in the 4th Century AD.

The Apostles’ Creed is really the foundation of what a Christian believes.

“It’s really the foundation of what a Christian believes. This is what makes the difference between what we would call a Christian faith, and a non-Christian faith.”

This sermon looks at the third phrase: The incarnation; when God became flesh. Nic explains the identity of Jesus as fully man and fully God and why it’s so important that we accept the truth of this supernatural statement.

100% Man, 100% God

“Christianity is the only religion that actually believes that God divine became the creature; the creator became the creature. And while we look at Jesus as man, let us never forget that he is actually God in his full power. And if you were to cut Jesus in two you wouldn’t cut one section God and one section man. You will struggle to find the different because that was all integrated and intermingled together.”

Understanding The Apostles’ Creed

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Text: John 1:14

Date preached: 24 April 2016

Location: Le Phare Church, Bukhavu, DRC-Congo