There are so many churches in Africa, yet we’re not seeing the positive impact on African society that usually accompanies Christianity. What’s going wrong?

Instead of the wrong aspects of our culture ruining the Church, the principles of scripture should reform our culture.

“The African Church must be challenged to impact it’s society. That’s God’s call upon our lives: sound doctrine; leaders that live out that sound doctrine; messages that bring out the ethical implications of it; insisting on Christians being fruitful out there in the world, being zealous for good works and accepting no excuse because the grace of God is sufficient for all of us.”

African Christianity’s Impact on African Society: Timestamps

00:20 – Titus 1:10-16
01:51 – The Challenges Posed By African Culture
03:35 – The Challenge of How To Do Church in Africa
05:45 – The Church’s Historical Impact on Societies
08:22 — Literacy Levels
09:00 — Identity & Human Rights
09:35 — Stewardship & Relationships
11:05 — Societal Structures & Reforms
12:25 – The Different Story in African Society
15:45 – Culture Can Hold A People Back
18:45 — The Challenge of ‘African Time’
22:00 — The Challenge of Ultra-Respectfulness
23:35 — The Challenge of Syncretism & Fatalism
28:29 — The Challenge of Community Allegiance
29:40 — The Challenge of Staying Away From Home
33:27 – Reversing The Flow of Influence
37:34 — Churches Filled With Sound Doctrine
41:12 — Leaders Who Model Biblical Living
45:44 — Gospel Truth Applied To Actual Life
48:55 – We Must Work For The Good of The World

Top Quotes

“Instead of the wrong aspects of our culture ruining the Church, the principles of scripture should reform our culture.”
“God, in reconciling humanity to himself, demands a certain lifestyle from all of us.”
“Wherever God has placed you, live in such a way that by the time you die, people will bless God that you lived.”

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Text: Titus 1:10-16

Date preached: 6 January 2009

Location: Grace Ministers Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa