“So what is your story? That’s a loaded question! But I think most of us, if we’ve lived more than two decades, we’ve found ways to give a very truncated version of our story. Enough of the good, enough of the bad, enough of the ugly – so that whoever we are conveying our stories to may get a good sense of who we are and what we’re about.

We’ve all found ways to give a very truncated version of our story.

What’s Your Story?

But I think there is a risk here. There is a real possibility that we might be tempted to think that that’s all there is to our story. Whatever it is that we’ve come to understand and we tell over and over as we speak to other people. Especially when we meet new people.

Filling Your Pages With Jesus

Yet if God is king, and he is sovereign, and he wills that we live past even Coronavirus and all the craziness that’s happening, that would mean that there’s still empty pages in our story. Pages that can be filled with hope, with love, with good things. Pages that can be filled by and with Jesus. And I hope that today might be that turning point for you. That your life – and the rest of the pages in your story – may be filled by Jesus, with himself.”

If your story hasn’t been connected with God’s story, today may be a turning point.

What Is A Christian?

In this sermon Blaque Nubon looks at the life of an imaginary Afrikaans man named Kobus. What’s his story? Well, Kobus has attended church ever since he could remember. He was baptised as a child and confirmed as a teenager. He did missions as a teen and has likely read the bible cover to cover. But Kobus is not a Christian… even though he thinks he is.

Listen to Blaque as he looks at three kings in the bible to show how Kobus, and people like him, are sadly travelling down the wrong road.

Text: 1 Samuel 15:17-24

Date preached: 27 September 2020

Location: Christ Church Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa