Supernatural help from God is what every believer needs in order to remain faithful to him. Through Christ he has given us that ability.

Supernatural Help

God is the supernatural difference maker that your life of faithfulness will need

“We don’t always believe enough in how much God is present, ready and willing to lend us the help that we need. God can sometimes be too small in our minds to actually be involved in the big problems of humanity, in our big human affairs. And so the sovereign being who watches our every move, who can, will, and does intervene in our lives can sometimes be a far fetched reality to really be of use to us.”

Topics & Timestamps

00:00 – Finding the right kind of help
05:15 – We need God’s help
08:38 – Reason’s we don’t believe in God’s help
14:09 – Search your heart
16:24 – God is not as approachable as you think
20:34 – Through Christ, God is far more approachable than you think
26:24 – Nothing is better than Jesus

Top Quotes: Supernatural Help

“You will need God’s supernatural help to remain faithful to him”

“God is the supernatural difference maker that your life of faithfulness will need”

“If we are allowing barriers to get in the way of us living in God’s supernatural power, it is self-sabotage.”

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Text: Hebrews 4:4-16

Date preached: 14 June 2021

Location: Bryanston Bible Church