Many times, we act as king over our own lives. We like to choose which of God’s rules to obey – selecting his rules to our preference. Yet we still pay homage to him as our friendly ‘household god’ and pursue some form of spirituality. Why bother? Because we want his blessings over our hustle. We want his power, but we don’t want his rules. Because sin loves to blend.

We still pursue some form of spirituality. Why bother? Because we want his blessings over our hustle

Sin Love To Blend

“In all the other sermons in this series there’s been sin that has been somewhat explicit, but this one is quite cunning. And the reason this happens is because sin loves to blend. So what we are gonna see in this sermon is how this happens and how we can overcome it through the gospel.”

This kind of religion empowers sin to thrive because it sin is actually being ignored. To prevent sin from thriving, to be victorious over sin forever, we do not just need God’s power and blessings, we need His rule, we need a king and a priest from God who lives forever. We need to follow him, and not try to be our own shepherd.

The Anatomy of Sin

Are you tired of constantly being defeated by sin? Are you surprised that it somehow always keeps getting victory over you? This is because we never fully understand sin and therefore underestimate it. Combating sin is crucial for Christian growth and we will only begin to be victorious when we understand the essence of sin and fight it from its roots.

This is the fifth in a five-part sermon series where we consider the biblical description of sin and learn how to be victorious over it. Pick up the other sermons here: 1. The Anatomy of Sin – The Essence; 2. Sin is Systemic; 3. Sin Hardens Your Heart; 4. Sin Blinds You; 5. Sin Loves to Blend

Text: Judges 17:1-13

Preached: 9 February 2020

Location: City Church, Lagos, Nigeria