How much time do you spend in your workplace? In your profession – as a manager, university student, housewife, builder, doctor etc? Compare this to how much time you spend at church. There is no comparison! We spend far more time at work than the handful of hours we spend at church.

Living out the Christian Life

Where do you live out your Christian life? It’s obviously where you spend the majority of your time – at work! If God wants us to be Christians, living with Jesus as the supreme king over our lives, this happens in the place where we spend most of our time – at work.

Paul exhorts employees to work with diligence and excellence for our bosses as we are ultimately working for God. He also reminds bosses that they work in the service of God who is over them. We must all reflect the kingdom in how we work and treat others.

Making a Difference in your Workplace

Listen to Nicolas Kyalangalilwa as he answers these questions: Is Jesus glorified as you work? Does the world notice a difference in you in the workplace because you are a Christian?

Text: Colossians 3:22 – 4:4

Date preached: 1 September 2019

Location: Le Phare Church, Bukhavu, DRC-Congo