Is The Pastor’s Job More Sacred Than The Fish Trader’s?

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Is the Pastor’s job more sacred than the Fish Trader’s? In this short video Femi Osunnuyi from City Church, Lagos gives us a simple answer with two clear, biblical reasons.

“Let me give you a short answer, no. But I will give you a number of reasons.

The Fish Trader’s Work For God

Now, Christians believe, for instance, that whatever food that we eat it comes from God. God is the source of everything. So, in creation, God feeds all of humanity. Now, if He is the source, He also uses means. And so, the Fish Trader – who sells fish to feed humanity – is actually doing God’s work. Because that Fish Trader is the hands of God to feed humanity.

So that’s one reason why. But particularly if they were Christians, there’s even something else to consider.

The Fish Trader – who sells fish to feed humanity – is actually doing God’s work: He is the hands of God to feed humanity.

Sacred Work in the Old Testament

Now, one of the ways we differentiate the old covenant in the Old Testament that we find and the New covenant that comes in Christ, is the structure of operation. So, the old covenant would have the Israelites, 11 tribes, stay in a camp. But then they had the temple or tabernacle at the centre of their dwelling.

Now, there was only one tribe that was allowed to come near to God. Because the temple is the meeting place between God and man. Those people were the Levites. In that regard, they did the sacred work of God. In fact, among the Levites you then have the priests who did the work of God in the holy place. The Levites did it in the courtyard. And then the holiest of all, only the high priest could do work there. He was the nearest to God.

All Work in Christ is Equally Special

With the New Testament, part of the benefit that comes through Jesus Christ is that we are all priests. We can now all come near to God, as Hebrews 10 tells us (Hebrews 10:19-22). In that regard, according to 1 Peter 2:9, all of us are priests.

And therefore, if that work is being done unto the Lord, as Colossians 3:23-24 says, then the Pastor’s work is special and the Fish Trader’s work is equally special: because they are both doing it in Christ who purchased both of them.”