By Scripture Alone – Sola Scriptura is the foundational doctrine on which the rest of the 5 solas of the reformation stand on. God’s word remains the source.

By Scripture Alone – Sola Scriptura

Sola Scriptura is really the foundational principal of everything else that grew out of the reformation.

The Reformation saw a massive shift in Christian doctrine which we enjoy today. The Reformers taught us that we had and still have the responsibility to read and understand God’s word with the correct foundational truths. Thus the 5 solas were formed: Sola Scriptura -scripture alone, Sola Fide – faith alone, Sola Gratia – grace alone, Solus Christus – Christ alone, Soli Deo Gloria – to the glory of God alone.


Preacher: Conrad Mbewe

Text: Romans 3:21-26

Preached: 27 October 2017

Location: Audubon Drive Bible Church, Laurel, Mississippi, US


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