Do you seek to satisfy legitimate desires in illegitimate ways? Are you tempted to appease your human appetites in acts of sexual immorality, greed, or excessive leisure? Satan would love to render us useless in God’s redemptive purposes in the world as we give into these desires and distractions. Does the Bible have resources to help us handle these temptations which we face on a daily basis?

Thousands of years ago there was a high stakes fight that occurred in the desert of Palestine. Between Jesus and the Devil. The Messiah King was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to confront Satan and respond to his attempts to tempt Jesus to sin. In the first of a series of 3 sermons John Musyimi takes us through the first of three temptations Satan presented to Jesus.

Jesus is asked to turn stones into loaves of bread after 40 long days and nights of fasting. Listen to John Musyimi as he explains Jesus’ response – in spite of his weakened, hungry state – to Satan’s taunt. Jesus refused to escape the reality of his humanity and satisfy his hunger by being unfaithful to God.

Jesus’ response to Satan’s temptation proves he is fit to be the Saviour of the World! He has been tried and tested and found perfectly obedient. He is able to help us overcome the evil one too.

Preacher: John Musyimi

Title: Handling Temptation: I’m Only Human… Right?

Text: Matthew 4:1-4

Date Preached: 3 February 2019

Location: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi, Kenya