When Romans 8:28 is understood in it’s entire context, it is one of the most satisfying and powerful verses any believer would want to know. Yet it is also one of the most mis-understood and misapplied verses in the Bible. We must tread carefully.

Making Sense of Romans 8:28

Rodgers Atwebembeire shows us the true meaning of this verse in the context of Romans 8 as a whole. Along the way he picks up on the frequent misinterpretations and inconsistencies which rob this verse of the incredible comfort and assurance it was meant to give it’s original readers – and still gives all believers today.

Jump to a topic at these time-stamps:

  • Introducing Rodgers Atwebembeire (0:01)
  • How We Shortsightedly Abuse Scripture to Encourage Sufferers (0:28)
  • Prayer & Bible Reading: Romans 8:28-30 (1:45)
  • The Popular Interpretation of Romans 8:28 (02:45)
  • Word-Faith Movement Interpretation: A No-Problem Guarantee (05:40)
  • Another interpretation: Let’s Celebrate Suffering (07:10)
  • The Critical Importance of Context (08:05)
  • Who Is Romans Written To? (08:35)
  • How To Live In The Midst of Suffering (09:30)
  • 4 Encouragements for Believers (11:30)
  • God’s Ultimate Goal For a Believer’s Life (17:45)
  • It’s About Holiness, Not Happiness (23:00)
  • Fulfilling God’s Purpose, Not Ours (25:40)
  • The Risk off Misusing Scripture (28:00)

We Need All The Pieces of The Puzzle

“Think of your life as a puzzle. A puzzle only makes sense when all the different pieces have been brought together. Now you can see the big picture.

When you are holding a single piece of the puzzle, not only do you not understand what the puzzle is about, but the piece itself looks useless. And until it comes together with the other pieces to form a complete picture, you are not even sure what you are holding in your hands.”

Text: Romans 8:28

Date preached: May 2020

Location: New City Community Church, Kampala, Uganda