Is God really for us? In Romans 8 Paul gets real with believers. He talks about the war that rages inside of himself between the desires of holiness and unholiness. These feelings are not small, they are strong and powerful and often lead us to do things we don’t want to do. In these moments we question, is God really for us? Is God really by our side when we are fighting sin?

The message of this sermon helps us see that God has done a few things to help us in the battle against sin and the flesh. It shows us that in the darkness, God is for us. God loves us more than we know and goes to greater lengths than we can understand to keep us from living in ways we should not.

Preacher: Reggie Lamityi

Title: Is God really for us?

Text: Romans 8: 23-30

Preached: 3 February 2019

Location: Christ Church Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa