A Christian has to be born again. But no baptismal certificate, no morality, nothing you do can achieve this. Only the spirit of God can save us.

Do you believe that because a person goes to church and has some form of moral change in their life, that consequently they must be a Christian? This wrong thinking dangerously weakens our churches.

Across history the Christian church has always been strongest when it has recognised that becoming a Christian is a miracle. It is a miracle only God can do. It is not something human beings can engineer. This is impossible. God alone can do the work of salvation. Jesus speaks of this over and over in the Gospels. Listen to Conrad Mbewe as he expounds Jesus’ interaction with Nicodemus unpacking the necessity, nature and effect of being born again.

Preacher: Conrad Mbewe

Title: Have you been born again?

Text: John 3: 1-8

Preached: 16 June 2019

Location: Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia