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This sermon was one of eight, delivered at the 2022 Proclaim Conference, which is hosted by our Kenyan council member Ken Mbugua, Emmanuel Baptist Church, and Ekklesia Afrika. The conference’s theme and title was The Whole Christ, with each sermon making a case for the sufficiency and relevance of both Jesus’ person and work, for all of life.

True, Christians are those who have personally trusted in Christ. They are those who appropriate his death and resurrection by faith. But in this sermon John Musyimi argues that Christians should find Jesus breathtaking. One of the reasons that we aren’t daily captivated by the Christ is that we don’t meditate on his unparalleled excellency.

Reflecting on 1 Kings 10:1-13 and Jesus’ teaching on that Old Testament event, John Musyimi reminds us that King Solomon was just a shadow of the greatest king, King Jesus. Yet the Queen of Sheba paid a tremendous tribute to Solomon. Thus, so the argument goes, how much more should this story exhort us to consider the far greater excellency of Christ?

The Excellency of Christ

John comments on the Queen of Sheba’s visit to Solomon saying: “This queen who was breath-taken by Solomon’s wisdom and wealth would condemn the Jews who are sceptical of Jesus, because Jesus is greater than Solomon. The Queen of Sheba would consider King Jesus to be more impressive, more breathtaking, and wiser…She would consider anyone to be a fool who had failed to be impressed and awed, and captivated by King Jesus. King Solomon is only a foreshadow of King Jesus.”

Christians are people who have been captivated and overwhelmed by the excellence of Jesus.

He then calls on everyone to come and behold this excellent king. John continues, “Are you here and you’re not a Christian? Come to King Jesus like the Queen of Sheba did to King Solomon. Come and behold King Jesus—look at his wisdom and beauty. May you be overwhelmed with King Jesus. That’s what Christians are, people who have been captivated, and overwhelmed, and breath-taken by King Jesus. May you be utterly impressed with him now. May his beauty make your sin look ugly.”

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Text: 1 Kings 10:1-13

Date preached: 23 September 2022

Location: 2022 Proclaim Conference, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi, Kenya