Singleness is a God-given gift where you have the time and resources to serve Christ and the church – but we don’t always treat single men that way. Blaque and Prince discuss the stigmas that surround being single in a Christian community. Judgement and misunderstanding comes from all quarters: married people, courting couples and other singles. Yet Prince believes that by putting service to God, not himself, at the centre – he can grow the kingdom in a truly fruitful way.

Treating Singleness as a Gift

“There are circumstances that have put me in this position of singleness. But also, as I mentioned, coming from that experience – learning a lot about myself – I knew that I have to go back to that place where my relationship with God is first. And I need to get to that place where I’m clear on my responsibility to the kingdom and to the rest of the world. I think that is probably one of the greatest things. I know that I need to know that before I get into a relationship. So that even when I get into a relationship I can tell my counterpart, “listen. This is what God has called me to do in the kingdom, and to the rest of the world.” And then also aligning those two visions.”

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