Christians know that God designed sex, and he designed it to work best in marriage. But that doesn’t mean married sex will always be easy. Marriage takes work – even in the sex department.

In this episode of The Gospel Coalition Africa Podcast Blaque Nubon is joined by his wife Lilly Million. They share their views on how to navigate the normal, sex related, challenges that married couples experience, and give practical suggestions for how to handle them.

Married Sex Podcast Breakdown:

  • Sex Within Marriage: Why This Topic? (02:30)
  • God’s Design for Sex & Marriage (04:50)
  • God’s Purposes For Sex (06:45)
  • Married Sex: Typical Challenges We Face (10:05)
  • Past Sexual Experiences / Perverted Views of Sex (10:47)
  • Sex Gets Swallowed into the Everyday-ness of Life (12:35)
  • Sharing & Discussing You Expectations Of Sex (15:30)
  • Practical Tips: Talking About Sex With Your Spouse (19:30)
  • Struggling with Sex in Your Marriage? Where To Begin (21:40)
  • The Winning Recipe for Marriage (22:57)
  • Pray About Sex Together (24:10)
  • Beware of Overshare – Comparisons Can Be Unhelpful (25:00)
  • Reaching Out For Help (26:35)
  • Working On Your Marriage is Beautiful (28:33)
  • Don’t Use Sex as a Weapon (30:54)
  • Married Sex Connects to God’s Plan (31:34)

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What Key Questions Does This Podcast Address?

1. What is a biblical view of sex and marriage?

2. The common causes of sex related issues for married couples

3. Practical, biblical, solutions for handling challenges with sex in your marriage

Top Quotes…

“Intimacy isn’t just the physical acts. Intimacy is your heart. And for me, I think if there’s a disconnect on a physical level there must be a disconnect on a heart-mind level.”

“But if you’ve got two people in a marriage, and you want it to work, then you’ve already got a winning recipe.

“As you become intimate with your spouse, it is ultimately for God’s glory. And it’s building you guys together. To build your family stronger so that we can build a society that will glorify God. So it’s bigger than just the two of us. I think it connects to the mission of God and what God is doing in this world.”