Blaque Nubon and Sibusiso Mdluli discuss why lobola is not a curse word. There are many benefits which can come from engaging in the lobola negotiation process. One positive aspect is how the two families get to know each other better – especially if the couple come from different cultures. However, there is a reason why lobola is often seen as more of a burden than a blessing. Sbu and Blaque explore both sides and look at why lobola is still an option even if you are Christian. Christians can also engage faithfully in this traditional practice.

Lobola requires careful consideration

“Are we setting our couples up for a fruitful marriage where they’re not having to have conflicts over debt? Where the husband doesn’t have to be resentful to the wife and her family because he feels like, you know, we started off badly because they overcharged? And I think that’s a careful consideration we need to make. But I think what comforts me is that the process of lobola is the beginning of relationship. Not just between the couple, but their families as well. And so, that should be borne in mind by the uncles as they conduct the negotiations.” Sibusiso Mdluli

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