What key things should you look for when you choose a church? And what role do you play in forming a healthy church? It’s not just about being a consumer…

Choosing which local church is going to be your home is a big decision for every Christian. It’s not just where you go on a Sunday morning. Church is where you do life. It should be where you feel at home – where your family are. Ideally we want to find somewhere near by so we understand the community. We want to be able to serve regularly and meet often with the other members in our local church. Critically, it is not just about what church can do for you – it is about how you can be part of making your church a healthy, God honouring body of believers.

Reggie Lamityi outlines the two critical factors to look for. Firstly, is your church really teaching from the Bible? Not just referencing some texts, but really looking to the scriptures as the final authority which determines the agenda and the culture of your church? Secondly, is your church looking outward? Reaching the community around them and thinking beyond their own needs and beyond ‘building their own kingdom.” These are important questions we should all ask and discuss.

However, before you decide to jump ship and start shopping for another church – it’s always sobering to remember that the first place to look for trouble in the church is in the mirror. We are all broken sinners and we all need grace and forgiveness. Blaque and Reggie also give some sage advice on how to raise your concerns with church leadership in a humble and constructive way.



Host: Blaque Nubon

Guest: Reggie Lamityi

Title: How to Choose a Church

Location: South Africa

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