The Gospel Coalition Africa exists to proclaim the centrality of the Gospel for all of life. We talk to Christians across Africa about the amazing things God, through the Gospel, is doing in their lives.
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Black Tax

A successful young professional. Leah, like many in South Africa, pays Black Tax to support family at home. She does it gladly. The question is, why?

Township Stories: Good, Bad or Ugly?

TGC Africa Podcast // Township Stories – Good, bad or ugly? How should Christians respond to the way Township culture is portrayed in movies and soap operas like Matwetwe, Tsotsi or Generations? David Kobedi encourages us to go in with our ‘Gospel Goggles’ on. A township story is the raw depiction of what goes down in the township – the good and the bad. There is something beautiful about hanging out in the streets of the township – much as the township itself is a construct of oppression – within that there is the beauty of a people who came together...

Admitting my Addiction; Accepting my Saviour

“As a rapper in South Africa I meet a lot of young people who are struggling and in desperate need of hope. I was one of those young people. It was only because of the Gospel – because of Christ – that I was able to overcome my addiction to drugs. Christ showed me a way out. I want to show others a way out.” An instrument in His hands Now God is using Codi as an instrument in His hands – to share the same Gospel that literally saved his life. “It took a lot of near death experiences. I...