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This sermon was one of eight, delivered at the 2022 Proclaim Conference, which is hosted by our Kenyan council member Ken Mbugua, Emmanuel Baptist Church, and Ekklesia Afrika. The conference’s theme and title was The Whole Christ, with each sermon making a case for the sufficiency and relevance of both Jesus’ person and work, for all of life.

What does the resurrection mean? And what do you think or feel when you hear about it? In the final talk from the 2022 Proclaim Conference, we turn our attentions and hearts towards Jesus’ resurrection, and the hope it offers us. Because God has raised him from the dead, with a resurrection body, we can know that a future resurrection is coming. Jesus’ was the first instalment and one of our surest reasons for hope in a final resurrection.

The resurrection of Christ is evidence that the dead will be raised.

Preaching on this, Vincent says: “I am saved because Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead. I will enter heaven because Jesus Christ has entered heaven. I will defeat death because Jesus Christ has defeated death. Death is not exciting, but Jesus has gone in for me and I go in after him. The idea is of Jesus Christ as a head and I as his body and where the head has gone, the body will go. If the head has made it through the body must make it through, because the whole Christ will make it through.”

The Resurrection: Historic Hope

Vincent concludes by beseeching everyone who has believed in Christ not to give up hoping for the return of our Saviour. He says, “This world will not remain as it is: no more war, no more tears, no sorrow, no sin, no depression, no tiredness of body, no arthritis, no temperamental quirks that you struggle with and you just have to live with, none of that. God wants you to be groaning, longing for it to come. Let’s not give up eschatology to debates about the millennium. It’s about the return of our Lord.”

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