“The question is this: why don’t women preach in our church? It’s a good question, isn’t it? Especially in this day and age. I mean surely there are certain cultural norms and standards and values from Bible times that we can leave behind? Like slavery. Haven’t we left slavery behind? Surely, we are more enlightened and liberated than they were and its time to move into the 21st century.”

Two Common (Incorrect) Answers

“Let’s try and be honest with each other. Let’s talk about the two most common answers to that question; the answers our culture would give. The answers that perhaps some of you would give, if you spoke freely.

Why don’t women preach in this church? Well, number one because the men in this church are using the Bible to cling to power. Or number two, because men in this church don’t think women are good enough to preach. Those are two possibilities.”

But they are not the reason that women don’t preach at this church.

God’s Design for Humanity

The roles of men and women is a hot topic amidst churches. Why don’t women preach in church? Why is the man called to lead the family? Surely these are archaic beliefs that we all have moved on from? In this sermon Roydon Frost addresses the topic of gender roles by first looking at God himself and then at humanity.

The sermon helps each of us see how we can further exalt God and find value in our own distinct roles. There is a beautiful dance carried out when men and women live how God created them to. Just as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have specific and distinct roles within the one Godhead, men and women play different roles in one humanity. It’s not about one being of more value than the other. It is about order and living by God’s design.

Text: Genesis 1:26-27 and Matthew 20:25-28

Preached: 4 August 2019

Location: Christ Church Midrand, South Africa