How have we been saved? Most of us will say, ‘Through the death of Jesus on the cross’, but what really happened at the cross? What is special about the blood of Jesus? Many of us want the details of what happened on that fateful day that took us from being sinners to saved. Thankfully Hebrews 2 has the answers. Listen to Martin Morrison as he delves deep into the death of Christ and unearths some great treasure’s which not only magnify Christ, but tell us just how blessed we are.

Why We Need Jesus

“In Chapter 2:5-18, our passage this morning, the writers tells us three great things about Jesus – three reasons why he is better – and why we shouldn’t drift away from Him. He tells us that Jesus is our perfect representative, Jesus is our perfect brother, and Jesus is our perfect rescuer.”

“Verse 5 to 9 is a seamless picture. Look at it – Man is given authority over creation. Man messes up; we fail. Then we see Jesus, the perfect Man, who succeeds where we fail. Verse 9: Jesus is not only a picture of the perfect Man, but Jesus is the perfect substitute. He is the perfect sacrifice, He takes the punishment we deserve, He suffers death in our place. Notice the end of verse 9 – he tastes death for us.”

The Essential Death of Christ

“Now, we are so used to seeing the Cross in a church or hanging around someone’s neck – but it’s quite strange isn’t it? Would you have a electric chair or gallows hanging around your neck? Or in front of a church? And yet that’s the symbol at the heart of the Christian faith. That’s the picture God has chosen to reveal himself – the essence of God. It’s beyond bizarre! There’s no other world religion that celebrates the death of it’s founder. But Christianity does! The question is why? Well because of verse 9 b. ‘So that by the grace of God He might taste death for everyone.'”

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Preacher: Martin Morrison

Title: Jesus: The Founder of our Salvation

Text: Hebrews 2: 5-18

Date Preached: 31 May 2020

Location: Christ Church Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa