Listen to Ken Mbugua as he unpacks the biblical imperative to think. This is key if we are going to grow in our sanctification. As Christians we must employ our cognitive processes – use our brains – to reason through the implications of gospel truths for our lives. If we don’t we will weaken ourselves in the race we are running.

We are Transformed…

What we received in Christ at salvation was not only justification, being made right with God. In Christ there are many blessings and riches.

In Romans 6 Paul points to a change in our very being that every Christian experiences at salvation. Before we concentrate on a change in our actions or behaviour its key that we grasp this transformation. We are not what we used to be. In Adam we were dead in sin. When we were unbelievers our lifestyle, choices and joys flowed from a heart dead in sin.

We must Think and Then Act!

In Christ we are made alive. Therefore we are new creations! Inevitably this impacts how we live. Upon salvation we are united to Christ and who we are is now something quite different. For this reason our lifestyle looks different. Indeed, something radical has happened in our inner being. Paul gives us a command to think and a command to act. The Christian’s doing is fundamentally based on his or her being. What we do is as a result of who we are. Think about it.

Preacher: Kenneth Mbugua

Text: Romans 6:1-23

Date Preached: 7 July 2019

Location: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi, Kenya