Does Christianity appear dull to you? Is it boring, tiring and tedious? As Blaque Nubon preaches from 1 Peter 1 he challenges us to confront a frightening truth: It is only when we are in love with sin that Christianity appears dull. We all struggle with sin as elect exiles. But the minute we embrace it – the minute you cuddle up to your sin – Jesus Christ starts becoming boring.

If it’s Boring, It’s Not Biblical

“I want to start off with a thought from a Matt Chandler sermon I heard a few weeks ago. I am paraphrasing – but here’s the thought. If you are a non-Christian and you find Christianity boring, then you are not talking about Biblical Christianity. You might be talking about cultural Christianity or nominal Christianity, but you are not talking about biblical Christianity. On the other hand if you are a believer and for some reason you come to the point where you believe that Christianity is boring, then brother or sister you are not living it right. Because Christianity could be many things – but it’s far from boring.

Even as we just take a glance at 1 Peter 1: 1-13 you will see that there is nothing boring here. In verse 13 Peter says “Therefore, preparing your minds for action.” Church, there is nothing boring about preparing your minds for action.

Christianity could be challenging. It could be transformative. It could be leading you to a place where you question your heart and where you stand. But it is not boring.”

Getting your Head Around Holiness

Listen to Blaque Nubon teach us from 1 Peter how as elect exiles we are to live,. We may feel apprehensive when he speaks about holiness, but make no mistake, holiness is amazing once you get your head around it.


Text: 1 Peter 1:13 – 2:3

Date preached: 10 November 2019

Location: Christ Church Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa