In John 16:5-33 Jesus provides comfort to his disciples before he leaves earth. They have been with him for years and their lives changed dramatically when they were called to follow him; he became their existence. Now Jesus tells them he is leaving. Yet in the same instance he gives himself to them through the Holy Spirit.

This sermon brings comfort to our ears, because it shows that we have a great helper as we share our Lord with the world and live out the Christian life every day. Panganai Sitole walks through these two key questions for believers: How does the Spirit help us? And what does the Spirit do?

The Holy Spirit Brings Us Peace

“You will have tribulation, you will suffer. So Jesus wants his disciples to have a sober view as it were with regards to the context in which they do exercise their discipleship. The Holy Spirit is available for them of course, but we are not yet home. We are still in a fallen world. We are still doing our mission as it were. We are still carrying out God’s mission in a broken world: challenges are inevitable; challenges are unavoidable. So our peace does not come from the absence of problems. But from the fact that the victorious Jesus is by our side as we do face these difficulties.

So that’s what brings peace to us, is the presence of Jesus himself.”


Preacher: Panganayi Sitole

Title: The Holy Spirit & His Role In Our Daily Lives

Text: John 16:5-33

Preached: 23 September 2018

Location: Christ Church Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa