We are most honest about ourselves when we attend funerals. Maybe we are also more real about our Christian life over Easter than at any other time in the year, as we reflect on Jesus’ death. When we come to Easter Sunday, the question is … what does it mean that Jesus has been raised from the dead? What does the resurrection really mean for me?

How do we respond to Jesus rising from the dead?

“Because Jesus is resurrected, dear friends, we are assured of our future bodily resurrection. You don’t need to fear death. If you are right with Jesus – you need not fear anything.”

How do we live our lives in the light of this sacrifice?

“Legalism is trying to be, so that God loves me by doing something. No, No, we are already perfect, we are already children of God. Lets just show it – in what we do – and in how we live.”


Text: 2 Corinthians 5:21

Date Preached: 1 April 2018

Location: Kingdom People Church, Harare, Zimbabwe