Where do you place your confidence? Is your faith in God rooted in your experience, or in the character of God? Your perspective, or God’s perspective? Do you live in fear, or do you believe God can work miraculous healing in your life?

We All Need Healing

True biblical faith looks beyond our present circumstances. Instead, it latches onto the person and character of God, disregarding everything that sways us into distrust of him. We cannot out-believe what God can do. This was the experience of the unclean woman in Mark 5:25-34 who trusted that just touching Jesus’ garment was enough to heal her. It was not her faith that healed her, but Jesus’ miraculous healing power. But without her faith in the person of Jesus she would not have come to him for his healing in the first place.

We All Need God

Often life throws us circumstances which we cannot overcome or manage in our own strength. Yet even on a daily basis we are all in desperate need of divine intervention to rescue our souls. As the local church we are all on the same level, rich and poor, with the same need for the Lord. In this sermon Raymond Ndung’u unpacks the story of Jairus’ daughter whom Jesus raised from the dead. Jesus tells Jairus to continue believing even in the face of an impossible situation; we must do the same.

As humans we have a propensity to fear. Because of this we often take our eyes off God and we stop really believing in Him. Yet Christ calls us to look beyond the things of this world and tie our faith to the unchanging, loving character of God as he works in our lives.

Preacher: Raymond Ndung’u

Title: Do not Fear, only Believe

Text: Mark 5: 21-43

Preached: 29 September 2019

Location: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi, Kenya