There is a popular teaching that Christians will not face problems or difficulties in life. That God will only multiply our blessings. But this is not what the Bible teaches. Trials and hardship are to be expected as we follow Jesus. Fortunately, He is still Lord of the storm.

Nic Kyalangalilwa explains from the gospel of Mark that as Jesus calmed the storm in front of the frightened disciples, he demonstrated that he is the creator of the universe and therefore sovereign and in total control. If Jesus is able to calm the wind and the waves, we can place our trust in him in the middle of our hardships and be without fear. Place your life in his hands! He is able to walk with you and bring calm in the midst of the troubles of life.

Preacher: Nicolas Kyalangalilwa

Title: The Lord of the Storm

Text: Mark 3:35-38

Date Preached: 25 February 2018

Location: Le Phare Church, Bukavu, DRC-Congo