The issues Moses grapples with in Psalm 90 are very similar to what we grapple with in our day, especially during the pandemic and it’s aftermath. Yet in the midst of consuming darkness we are given hope and help. Our God is on the throne!

Psalm 90 is a powerful psalm of liturgy. It is set in the context of the life of the children of Israel as they journey to the promised land, hence Moses as it’s author. It is likely the oldest psalm in the Old Testament and reminds us that in the midst of calamity and disaster God has ‘been our help in ages past and will be our hope for years to come‘ as we sing in Issac Watts’ famous hymn.

Listen to Rodgers Atwebembeire as he unpacks the 3 sections of this Psalm: Praise (vs 1 & 2), Lament (vs 3 – 12) and a Plea for Favour and God’s Restoration (vs 11 – 17).

Text: Psalm 90:1-17

Date preached: April 2020

Location: New City Community Church, Kampala, Uganda