Do you long to delight more deeply in your salvation? Do you still have the joy that accompanied your original acceptance of saving grace in Christ? Are you exalting Christ and what he has done in your life? Or have rival joys drowned it out? In Psalm 51 King David shares the loss of his original joy in the Lord. This is following from his sin of adultery with Bathsheba and subsequent murder of her soldier husband in battle. David asks God to restore the joy of his salvation. His repentance is heartfelt as he wrestles with his guilt and shame. For it is possible to restore the joy of our salvation; all is not yet lost.

Where has our Joy Gone?

Much joy typically accompanies our initial conversion experience. As new Christians we are often amazed that older Christians can grumble and mutter in unhappiness. It baffles us! Why are they feeling this way, when they know they have been saved? But the truth is, many of us lose our spiritual power and the joy in our salvation.

For some of us we may find the world more attractive and fulfilling than the Kingdom of God. This dampens our joy and we lose our spiritual strength and vigour. But the true child of God will experience an aching void inside which the world cannot fill. Those that find themselves in this position need to pray to God to restore the joy of their salvation, just like David did.

How to Restore Joy

Listen to Ronald Kalifungwa as he unpacks four realities that we must remember as we consider Psalm 51. These will aid us as we seek to restore our original strength and joy in God.

Text: Psalm 51:12

Date preached: 16 February 2020

Location: Lusaka Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia