How good do you believe and know God is? What does Scripture say about his goodness to his people? Are we willing to surrender to him and the rest he offers?

How Good Is Your God?

In his goodness, God grants everyone the opportunity to enter into his rest

“Do you believe in the goodness of God? In other words, what do you believe is God’s predisposition towards me? What do you feel is God’s posture towards you? My guess is that we may fall into one of two camps. On the one hand we are actually indifferent at that question, on the other hand some of us may be despondent at that question.”

Topics & Timestamps

00:00 – Committing to our relationship to the Lord
05:00 – It is decision time
09:10 – Do you believe in the goodness of the Father?
12:24 – How good is your God?
17:48 – You can turn to the Lord even with an unbelieving heart
21:23 – The good news of the Gospel
24:04 – What is the state of your relationship with God?

Top Quotes: How Good Is Your God?

“Sadly, in our culture too many things are made to be more important than our soul before God.”

“Commitment to God isn’t a negotiation of things we don’t necessarily have to do, but it is the joyous shouldering of what must rightly be, weighing on our soul before the living God.”

“In his goodness God grants everyone the opportunity to enter into his rest.”

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Text: Hebrews 4:1-13

Date preached: 17 May 2021

Location: Bryanston Bible Church, Johannesburg, South Africa